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Why Clients Choose Changing Lanes Fitness

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Theresa Hagen from Endurance Athlete to Bodybuilder


In January 2019 this IronMan Triathlete, Marathon runner needed a new challenge after her hip replacement surgery in 2018.  Theresa has enjoyed strength training over the years and wanted to take this to the next level.  

She competed in the bikini category on Nov. 2, 2019 and enjoyed every moment of the journey from the hours of strength training and cardio to finally taking the stage to display her hard work and dedication. 

She lost over 25lbs and tons of inches and took the stage with confidence, poise and the satisfaction that hard work and perseverance win every time. This may have been her first competition but won't be her last! 

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100lbs lost- Life regained and now running 5k's


In November 2017 Jeanne Rosendale decided to make a change in her lifestyle and her results speak volumes!! She is down over 100lbs and over 40inches and she isn’t done yet! 

She started with the 10day Kickstart which she stated got rid of her sugar cravings and from there continued to work with Changing Lanes Fitness meeting weekly to stay on track with her nutrition. She journals her food every day and eats real food even enjoying pizza every Sunday. No crazy bars, pills or shakes- real food with her family! 

Here are her key take points! 
* Commit to following the plan – no excuses – you can work around almost anything.
* Try not to make two meals – one for you and one for everyone else. Healthy is good for everyone.
*Commit to trying something new or different, you are an adult, you can do this.

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Chris Sander's works hard but also finds balance to enjoy life and her teenager!


Down 28 lbs and 27 inches- WOW!
Plus she is running 5k’s, lifting weights, practicing yoga and trying new activities like water aerobics with her daughter!!

Why did you choose Changing Lanes?
I knew Cheryl a little from her being a Y instructor that did yoga at my work. I attended a goal setting class that she had and asked a lot of questions about her programs. It was important to me to find a way of eating that was not "different" from what my daughter would eat. I also felt that Cheryl was someone that had done this herself and knew how to troubleshoot through the hard times. I was not looking to work with someone young who had always been thin and had no life experience or a nutritionist who was overweight themselves. I had met both in my journey. I needed someone who had been there, done that.


Former distance runner & mom of 3- Beth Lesser rocked the stage in Bikini and is proof you can get better with age!


I recommend Cheryl as a coach because she helped me reach my goal of competing in my first bikini body building contest. With her knowledge of nutrition I learned how to fuel my body the right way for the workouts that were provided.


Cheryl has years of experience in nutrition and personal training that can help you reach your goal whether you are a beginner or you’ve been exercising for a while. She’s willing to listen to any concerns you have or answer any questions you may have. I highly recommended hiring Cheryl for all your fitness goals

And more.......

Cheryl is a positive motivator with great experience to share with her clients.  I would highly recommend Cheryl as there is no judgement as to where you are in your fitness journey only a willingness to empower people!  Karla E.

I met Cheryl through a yoga class I attended with my mom. From there, I proceeded to take a yoga class on my own with her as well as her Warrior Wellness yoga (geared specifically towards healing and mental health). I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about both. Over the course of the last year, she’s become way more than just an instructor because she cares SO much about her clients. She is a part of my support system, and has really helped me grow through her classes.  Cait K. 


I talked my husband into trying a yoga class with me. He had never done yoga and didn't see it as a workout. I chose Cheryl's class for his first time. He was hooked! We have been practicing at Cheryl’s studio for a year now. I also followed her kickstart nutritional program. Her inspiration, passion and knowledge are exceptional. It was easy to follow, flexible and maintainable without doing a fad diet. I dropped weight, slept better and had more energy! I also tried foods i had never tried before. I’m excited to try more! I feel good about my hubby eating healthier too. I encourage anyone wanting to improve their health to contact Cheryl.  Tracy H. 

I can't say enough wonderful things about Cheryl! Her knowledge base, passion, down to earth personality, and kind heart were evident when she trained and shared nutrition information with our 15 year old daughter. Cheryl helped her to reach her physical goals, and as a result, her confidence, mood, and self-esteem have sky rocketed. Having our daughter work with Cheryl is, by far, one of the best things we've ever done for her!  Molly F.

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