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Star struck the  minute I walked in the doors!

Jab, Punch, Kick....those words echoed in the ballroom of the LaCrosse Center today but took me back 19 years ago to my small apartment on 14th Ave in my living room with my sweet Skyla- Tae Bo was the start of my fitness journey but it also gave me the confidence, strength and power I needed to manage life as a single mom working full time and trying to attend college. I would often do the videos with Skyla by my side- she also remembers them vividly especially “double time”.

I couldn’t afford a gym membership and most didn’t have daycare, running or biking weren’t really options unless Skyla could come with me, and weather was often a deterrent. Tae bo was the answer- I was a complete beginner and remember having to pause the VHS tape many times to catch my breathe- but I was hooked and quickly saw progress. I was a lot less stressed, I had more energy, I started eating healthier because I also knew that would give me the energy I needed for not only my workouts but life in general.

Flexing with my idol!

As I walked around the expo today and spoke with a fellow trainer/business owner I heard the words “fear & doubt” come out of my mouth and then hours later Billy speaks of the same qualities, and how people quit due to “fear and doubt”

I am going on month 4 of my business and many days I ask myself “what the hell am I doing” then I see a clients face light up when she accomplishes something she never would have tried before or sets a goal of a 5k or mud run, or finds her breathe and calm on her yoga mat. Then I remember I am doing this because I want every women to feel the strength, confidence and control I felt when I took CHARGE of my life and made a big change! I want women to know 1 small step at a time is all it takes- we all have similar fears and doubts but you have the power to change your life.

Getting ready to workout it out!

Lastly Billy spoke about his faith in the Lord and how that has helped him over the years, and he puts God above all else. Since the beginning of September, Jim and I have started a new relationship with God- we attend church every Sunday and I read my bible daily. I have prayed for God to give me faith and guidance in my business but also in my life. When you can replace your fears and doubts with faith that God will help guide you- life is pretty damn amazing!

After all what do you have to lose?? Except for fear and doubt!

Now I want to offer some Tae Bo at my new studio.......WHO"S IN???

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