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I share my story with you because I know many of you are sitting there thinking, “Great things happen to other people or my life is ok, I don’t need to make some crazy changes and be uncomfortable!” Please keep an open mind as you read and know dreams can come true!

“2 Days……...What can really change in my life in only 2 days?” This was the question I pondered after quickly signing up for the 1Life Conference that my friend/mentor had posted on Facebook. Was I really willing to travel over 1,500 miles, spend the weekend with strangers instead of my precious family, take time away from my clients and essentially spend money, that I didn’t have rather than earn it? I struggled with this decision many times leading up to the conference and even placed travel insurance on my airfare, I have never done this in the 20+ years of flying. I was skeptical, a cynic you might say, after all was this some kind of cult, what product or program were they going to try to sell me, what could really change for me? You see I was afraid, my internal dialogue of the “what if’s”, thoughts of negativity and defeat, anxiety and anxiousness filled my mind even up to 48 hours before my flight. These feelings were not new and I had been here many times before, I simple said “What is the worst that could happen?” I start with the negative and quickly get that out of the way then focus on the best outcome. “What is the best that could happen?”

Still feeling like a fish out of water, I entered the elevator Saturday morning and there was Tim Rhode, the founder of 1Life and I was in awe like he was a Superstar, however just a regular guy in jeans, a 1Life T-shirt and a smile. His words were “Just keep an open mind this weekend” At that moment I made the decision to do just that, that is why I boarded that plane to California, and decided to make the leap, I need direction/goals for my business.

When I walked into the large room, I cleared my mind of the garbage and invited in new thoughts and opportunities to connect with others. I would not let my self-doubt, anxiety and discomfort get the best of me.

I had no idea what I was about to experience and writing this 2 weeks later I still feel the energy and electricity from my 1Life family. The music was rocking like a concert, but the words sung by brotha James had meaning and purpose with lyrics such as “It’s time to open my cage and see who I can be- I’m an animal” In fact so powerful I am listing to the CD he gave me right now!

During the first open discussion, one previous attendee said “This conference changed my life” I admit my first instinct was to scoff at that remark and dismiss it, but I quickly turned it around and thought “Wow that is amazing- I am so happy for her”

We were given a booklet filled with questions, but with lots of open space for notes. With questions to ponder such as: Who am I? What is my dream? What is my future vision? How to use guided meditation? How to live in gratitude? How to plan/live/deploy my life?

We were given time to answer questions and then formed small groups to discuss our ideas/thoughts with others.

Within these groups there was no competition, judgment or negative comments. It was a safe environment to share and receive feedback from others that had created success and living their 1Life Fully Lived or on their way to making it happen. We all had different goals perhaps- Health, Wealth, Business, Family, whatever it may have been, but the roadmap to achieving our goals followed a similar blueprint. It was in 1 particular breakout group late Saturday afternoon that the switch flipped and life for me would never be the same- I was speaking of my dilemma and the fact that I wear many different hats and just didn’t know how I could bring it all together and create financial stability along with the freedom to do what I love. One of my group members simply stated matter of factly “Why don’t you open your own studio space, & offer all of the things you want?” I was quick to chirp back “I can’t really do that” and his response “Why not?” Then the buzzer went off, my time was up and the next participant in our group was on deck…..this left me sitting there dazed & bewildered with thoughts of “why not me?”

The seed was planted and the very next day when we went thru a guided meditation exercise, I envisioned my studio space. It was a brick building with beautiful windows to let the sun shine thru on my passion. I had the vision now I just needed to implement-

I spent the entire flight home, writing notes/making lists! This wasn’t going to be yet another idea I just didn’t have time to deploy. I owed it to myself, to my 1Life family that invested their time in me and to my own family back home. I was filled with excitement and hopeful about any and all possibilities for my future business.

When I arrived home Monday afternoon, I was ready to drive around and find office space, luckily my husband was on board with my vision. He actually had mentioned having my own space about a year ago and I laughed at the preposterous thought & now here we are! Surprisingly we found space right away, but after viewing it, it really wasn’t part of my vision, even though it was financially affordable. While driving home from church Sunday afternoon we passed a small building with a “For Rent” sign, I know it wasn’t there earlier in the week, because I had taken a tour of the city looking for space. Was this my sign? Many others were also interested in renting this office, & it appeared that we would just have to wait it out.

During the next 48 hours my mind started to fill again with doubts and insecurities- This is crazy, I have been back from the conference for a week and now I am going to sign a lease for office space? I don’t have a business plan? I don’t have equipment? I don’t have extra time? I didn’t have the extra money? Did I mention the building was brick and has more windows than blank wall space!

I received the call Tuesday Oct 31, the space was mine if I wanted to rent it.

Every day since I have returned, I have risen with a new sense of purpose and direction. I am excited for this journey, I am excited to help others discover themselves via health, fitness, and wellness. I want to live the very best life I can and would love to share the lane with you as we change lanes and live our 1Life Fully Lived!!!

I will be attending the conference again next year & would love for any friends to join me! I can say this conference also changed my life!

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement as I pursue my new adventure!

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