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Why I Dance!

12 weeks from now I take the stage stepping out of my comfort zone by dancing a hip hop routine on stage in front of potentially 1,000’s of people all in the name of raising money for the Red Cross.

Why you ask? Well if you know me you know I am always up for a new and exciting challenge….. 2012 Lost my corporate sales job and decided to become a personal trainer

2015 Bikini competition

2016 Dancing with the LaCrosse stars

2017 Stay Tuned :)

But even more I wanted a way to give back in a BIG way, give back to a city, a community that has given me so much more.

I moved here with my daughter exactly 22 years ago Labor Day weekend to attend school at WTC. I had never been to LaCrosse prior to moving here except for 1 time to register for classes and tour campus- Yes even back in 2004 I was looking for a new/exciting challenge. We packed up that U-Haul from Adams Friendship & started a new life in LaCrosse. It was not always easy; I didn’t know anyone and frequently traveled back to my hometown to the safety and comforts of my family and friends. But I persevered and stuck with it, eventually making some amazing friends who are still part of my life today and will never know how their teaching, mentoring and friendship kept me here in this city. That was just the beginning of the greatness I discovered. I admit to not always being aware of the wonders of this city and there were several moments when I was adamant I was moving to a bigger city with more action, warmer climate, something new and better. Then I met my husband who was born and raised here and we started a family, the education my children have and still continue to receive are top- notch. My husband works for a locally owned family company that treats him/us well. I am lucky enough to live my dream and passion at the YMCA as a personal trainer and have worked with great people from this community. I am also blessed to have started my own fitness and nutrition business working with clients & that is also growing & thriving, thanks to those that believe and trust in me. My daughter received an amazing education from UW-LaCrosse and my son will start swimming his 7th year with the YMCA Wave swim team.

I could literally go on with many more stories of how this community has helped me grow and reach my full potential.

This community has become home to me for ½ of my life. When my son asked a few weeks ago where we planned to move to when he went away to college my response without hesitation

“This is our home and we will stay in La Crosse”

I meant those words very much, I love this community, I love the people and for all the ways that the Red Cross is there to help families in crisis (Just days before I decided to dance a brand new client of mine shared her house fire story with me and how the Red Cross was there to provide immediate support) I want to support them.

I ask you for your support in raising $10,000 in any way you can provide-

  • Share my Facebook posts

  • Offer an online donation, no amount is to small

  • Buy tickets from me to the event Nov 26, 2016

  • Attend any of my upcoming fundraising events and/or spread the word

As always my friends thank you for being a part of my journey and I promise if you attend the event I will give you a great performance- You know I am “In it to WIN it”

Much Love!!!

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