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Bikini Battle!

It all started with an invitation from a friend to SUP (Stand up paddle board) Yoga on the water!

A simple invitation to do something fun, new and challenging with a friend that lead to sheer panic in my entire body. You see that would mean I would have to put on a swimsuit and move not just lay on my towel & not go in the water as I have done for every summer since I can remember. All the fun & joy I've been missing out while I lay there on my pool towel...... Thinking about how I'm not good enough to be in this bikini and maybe if I just lay here no one will notice all of my imperfections!

Wow...........what a miserable way to live & for me it stops NOW- this summer!!!

You see today I bought a new swimsuit.....In the past I've always bought one of those skirted bottoms to hide my ample booty and big ole thighs.....not really realizing that probably made my booty appear even bigger- who knew???

Today I bought one with tie strings in a dark color because as we know that does make your bottom appear smaller & we can all use a little help :) along with a cute striped top- Thank you Target (Much cheaper than the Athleta one I coveted).

Posting these photos is really hard for me. I thought well maybe I will wait until I lose a little more fat or have a better tan or......yes the list was endless on why I should wait...... But I say we need to do scary & uncomfortable things and see what happens and I promised you the readers when I started my blog I would always be real with you....and if you hate my pics well I guess that is your problem not mine!

I look at my competition pic & I am proud of what I accomplished but along with that great physique was a girl that spent hours upon hours in the gym, surviving on low calories/carbs and finally made it to the big day exhausted, water depleted, crabby, weak & hungry- the pic today is a girl pushing her limits to see how amazing & strong her body can be and eating lots of clean foods & enjoying life. I know there is a better way back to the stage again and I plan to explore that but we shall save that for another blog post :) Is my body perfect- is my body stage ready like the picture on the left- No Way I have some work to do??.........Yes but don't we all in some way if we are working toward our goals to be our best self!

I will be damned if I will sit on the sidelines and not enjoy another summer because I feel less than!

So if you see me at the pool or beach I won't avoid you or pull my hat down low so you don't see me and all my flaws- I will say hello and ask if you are having a summer full of fun and laughter and I will not compare my body to yours because we all have a body to celebrate & be proud of!!

I plan to rock this bikini in all its glory this summer and I hope you will too- isn't it about time we stop shaming ourselves and other women and be proud of us & our bodies!

Much love & happy summer my friends! Bring on the opening weekend of the pools!

And yes I am doing SUP Yoga :) maybe a few times in my new bikini!

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