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I have been thinking about a topic for a few weeks now- So many ideas as we start the New Year, with all the resolutions and goals.

One of my main goals when I decided to blog was I always wanted to be real & authentic and discuss a topic that most of my readers could identify with and know that they truly aren’t alone in their thoughts & journey.

This brought me to “Progress” What does that mean when it comes to our health and fitness goals?

True definition “The process of improving or developing something over a period of time”

Many of you know I prepped for a Bikini Competition last year and took the stage in May- My starting weight was 161 when I started prep last Dec. I stepped on stage at roughly 136. Today on any given day I weigh in at 153-155.

When I first took a look at those numbers or looked back thru those pics from my competition. I felt sad, embarrassed, angry, and honestly thought “was it all for nothing”? Like I had made no progress and was back to square 1 and my original starting point of Dec. 2015. These were the negative voices in my head for weeks, until I started to really think about it rationally, and realized how absurd I sounded.

1 year had passed and I accomplished a tremendous goal by stepping on stage. Stage look is not an everyday look- I was tired, hungry and dehydrated- gaining weight back is normal and part of the process. I believe I gained more fat back than I wanted but that was part of my journey and part of the learning process. I know now for my next competition, how to do things different. Sometimes we don't learn unless we stumble a few times!

I have gained new found muscle as I push to lift heavier weights than I ever have before. I learned how my body responds to various foods & macro’s. I learned new exercises and how to push myself out of my comfort zone. I gained valuable knowledge not only on myself but how to be a better trainer to my clients. I learned so much thru the journey but was so caught up in some image in my head of what it should be that I failed to see so many amazing things that happened along the way.

So next time you think all of your efforts were a waste or no progress was made, I encourage you to think about what the journey offered you and how you have transformed and grown rather than the end result. Maybe you have fallen off of your healthy eating especially thru the holidays and gained some weight or maybe exercise has taken a back seat due to work or family, maybe an injury has you sidelined......Doesn't matter what has happened I guarantee you are making progress in some way, shape or form- it may not be the image in your head, but it may end up being more rewarding and meaningful than you ever imagined.

One foot in front of the other and continue on your journey no matter the bumps and lessons we encounter along the way- after all that is truly where the learning comes in!

Show day- Feeling accomplished and proud of my transformation!


Today- feeling Strong and getting PR's on Squats and Deadlifts! Embracing my curves!

Both part of my journey of self discovery in achieving my goals.

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