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Magic Plan!

For many years I had an obsession with all the tabloid magazines in the store checkout area promising the latest “lose 10lbs this week” “drop 20lbs and still eat the foods you love” you know the ones I am talking about and they are especially popular in January.

I tried every diet out there South Beach, Atkins, Weight Watchers, TOPS, Grapefruit diet, I tried shakes like Slimfast and Dexatrim diet pills (yes I know I am dating myself).

Then it was various exercise gimmicks like the thigh master (yes I am publicly admitting this) and I was obsessed with TaeBo, The Firm and Buns of Steel workout videos, although I think these VCR workout videos were one of my better choices, as they ultimately gave me my passion for exercise.

My point is I was searching; at times desperately searching for the magic pill, diet, drink, plan……that would give me success in losing weight and keeping it off. Unfortunately that “perfect plan” was never found.

In my opinion there really is no perfect system- no perfect pill- no perfect machine- Perfect doesn’t truly exist, you just need to find what works best for you in regards to exercise and nutrition. It is truly about finding what works for you long term, can you envision yourself doing this plan/routine next week- how about next month- 6mths from now- how about 1 year from now?

Programs/Plans can get expensive, very expensive. So when looking at a program think long term and what it would take for you to live off of the program if you couldn’t afford it any more. If the program teaches you daily, realistic habits to fit your lifestyle and you enjoy the shakes/bars and you can afford it then go for it. Programs can be wonderful for accountability and group support.

However these are a few questions I would encourage you to consider…..

“Is this something if I walked away tomorrow, I could do on my own because I have learned healthy habits, portion control, self-motivation, and accountability?”

“Am I prepared to drink shakes, eat bars, and take pills potentially long term in order to achieve my weight loss goals as well as maintenance”

Why does that matter? Because if you can NOT sustain a lifestyle then, it’s a fad diet, or program that you will be disappointed in. And even worse your self-esteem may plummet and you may feel like there truly isn’t an answer.

I truly believe that the “secret” is enjoying real healthy/nutritious food while staying mindful of your choices and moving your body more. It has taken me the better part of 30 years to figure this out, and I still struggle at times and think there has to be an easy way out or a quick way to lose these 10lbs-

Nope there isn’t just do the work- period!!

Weight loss doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated but I won’t lie to you and tell you that it will always be easy. There will be days when you want to say screw it and eat the pizza or the cookies and skip workouts and you know what that is ok- life gets messy and we get stressed with all of the demands of being parents and working full time and trying to fit it all in. So we stress eat, it happens but don’t let those days turn into weeks- turn into months. Forgive yourself and move on.

The other secret I discovered- love & appreciate your body today for all that it has overcome and all it does and continue to be the wonderful work in progress that you are and never give up!!

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