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Facing Fear 12/22/12

12/22/12 is a date that holds a great significance in my life- plus I love the 1’s & 2’s! It was 3 years ago that I took a HUGE leap of faith and while struggling with the stomach flu managed to pass my NASM Personal Training Exam and start an exciting but yet very frightening new career.

Fear- it’s in all of us, especially when the stakes are extremely high or it requires us to step outside our comfort zone.

I am sure many people thought I was insane to not return to a sales career after being laid off and to instead pursue a career with unstable income, erratic hours, no benefits, & minimal clients and pay to start.

It was a huge risk, but as I thought about my life and my future, I wanted to live with no regrets- No "I wish I would have moments in 10 years." I even made a list (those that know me know I am a huge list maker) I listed “what is the worst that can happen? “ As I started with my list, I didn’t get very far, in fact I only listed

1. Return to the medical/software sales world.

I then put a spin on my negativity and thought “What is the best that can happen” That list was so easy to compile and before I knew it I had my answer- plain and simple on paper in front of me.

Discovering exercise in my 20’s was a game changer for me in all areas of my life and I wanted to share that with as many people as I could. So really how could I not pursue a career in fitness?

I share my story today, because as we approach the end of 2015, I want you to think about your life and what it is you truly desire. What can’t you go a day without thinking about?

Is it a new career?

Go back to school?

Finally get your health back and lose some weight?

Join a gym and start working out?

Start a new exercise like yoga?

Relocate to a new city?

I will say it didn’t happen overnight and some days when I work from 5am-7pm, haven’t had a day off in 2 weeks, or I get several cancelations in a week, I start to sometimes question my decision but then quickly a client or friend says something that makes me remember- this is my passion, this is truly what I was meant to do in this life and without those challenges from time to time I would never appreciate how truly blessed I am.

Face your fears this upcoming year and make a plan to work towards that goal, no matter how scary, risky or crazy it sounds…After all what is the best that can happen??

Make 2016 your year!!!

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