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You Only get 1 Body!!

Why is the grass always greener? Or so we think especially when it comes to our bodies-

Shaped like a pear and we think apple would be so much better?

Want more curves or less curves?

Tall in stature but think petite would be perfect?

Skinny legs we wish had more muscle?

Shoulders so broad we think we look like a linebacker?

Chest too big and always in the way or too small and would like to have a little cleavage

As they saying goes we always want what we don’t have- or have this image in our head of the “ideal” women’s physique.

We all come in various shapes and sizes and that is what is so unique and special- the differences in our bodies and the way we move. But regardless of the shape or size and whether it fits the “societal norm” wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could love our bodies for all the wonderful and powerful things it can do for us rather than searching out all the negatives and self-loathing.

I have big thighs and an ample booty- and I am finally coming to terms with this and most days proud to admit it. I have spent years- Oh so many wasted years hating my lower half, the better part of probably 30+ years to be honest. I remember my dad jokingly of course calling me thunder thighs at about the age of 10 and I have never forgotten those words. But what I have chosen to do today is look at my lower half differently- instead of the disgust and loathing I have been so accustom to, I am working to embrace the power and strength in my legs. I did 2 Spartan races this past year and another coming in 2 weeks and my legs/glutes carried me up those treacherous hills. I love lifting heavy weights and feeling strong and powerful.

One of my clients has an amazing strong and wide back, with lats that I would kill for- she was a swimmer and it shows in her upper body strength. Although to her all she can think about is what a pain it is to shop for tops/dresses that fit and don’t make her look like a linebacker- so not her ideal body part, but I admire the strength of that back as do many others.

Another client like me complains of her big legs- but they are strong, she has amazing deadlift power and gets stronger every workout. Who needs to wear jeans anyway that’s why leggings were invented!

Another client hates her belly and the scars and extra skin of child birth that remain long after. That body, that belly carried babies. Those scars were earned and continue to be earned as she raises those children to be amazing young people. This client is so much more that those scars and offers all her friends and family true love, compassion, humor and friendship.

So next time you look at your belly, legs, arms, back, butt…..whatever it may be and start with the negative talk- STOP…..and try thinking of all the ways this body part helps you in life and perhaps ideas on how you can make it even stronger and help you achieve your goals.

We have fought our bodies for so many years, imagine the possibilities if we treated our bodies like a friend with love, kindness and respect…..The possibilities are endless in what we can achieve!!!

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