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Pity Party is OVER!

It’s my pity party and I will cry if I want to!!

Pity party’s………we have all been there! Feeling sorry for ourselves for whatever our current situation may be in life. It is ok and sometimes even necessary to have those feelings- so go ahead and have your pity party, just don’t unpack and live there indefinitely!

Many people believe that because I am a trainer eating healthy and exercising come easy to me. I wish that was the case but in all honesty I am more like you than you may realize. I too struggle with lack of motivation, self-doubt, insecurities, negative self-talk and using food as a source of comfort & happiness.

So this is where shit gets real- I have spent the last couple of months in my own form of a pity party….not proud of it but its real and I know many of you struggle and are maybe sitting there right now, so rather than beat yourself up I hope this gives you hope that you can move on and leave that party.

After my competition in May I was all gung ho about doing another show but first up was all kinds of yummy goodies that I avoided for my competition prep. To say I went overboard on this is an complete understatement and yet another reason I don’t believe in a super strict and restrictive nutrition plan because in the end you will rebound badly – I will leave it at that and discuss this more in another blog post. I felt since I was so restrictive for all those mths I could enjoy endless treats without true repercussions unfortunately this just played into my feeling sorry for myself & truly a vicious cycle the more crap you eat the more you feel like crap.

I also needed to address a hip issue I had been dealing with and putting off- my hip made lower body workouts very difficult so rather than modify I started skipping more and more workouts. My body was also very tired from the overtraining I think I did during my competition prep- so I felt like my body was failing me and again more feelings of sadness and loss of control so food and wine became my source of comfort.

When did things turn around for me???

Just recently, I started feeling guilty and almost a fraud for not being a better example to my clients and friends- for not practicing what I preach to each and every one of you. And for also not living up to my own full potential, I didn’t love this negative pity party girl I turned into, it truly wasn’t me.

I also started to think about how I love the feeling after I finish a tough workout and I love how eating clean gives me great energy to get thru a long day. I started thinking of all the positives a healthy lifestyle gives me and decided that’s it- Pity Party over!! Please don’t think this happened overnight because it has been a process for me too.

With all of that being said I want you all to know consistent exercise, weight loss, muscle gains, eating healthy, being fit, ect. Are all hard work and require commitment, preparation, dedication and persistence.

So if you are sitting in your own pity party, make a decision today if you can to take some responsibility in your life, it truly is up to you.

Is this the life you imagined?

If the answer is NO- then make some changes because just like my business name you can always change lanes in life especially when it comes to your health and wellness.

I can’t guarantee it will be easy but YOU are so worth it!!

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