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Slow Down!

Overwhelmed, overscheduled, can't remember what you did last week or even yesterday?

Sound familiar?

I get it, in today’s busy society we want to do more, have more, accomplish more and in order to fit it all in we must keep our schedules full sometimes too full. We are all guilty especially us moms- dads do it too but moms we have a really hard time saying no, and before we know it we have left no time for ourselves, no downtime, no playtime, and certainly no exercise or food prep time. Why do we always come last on the priority list?

My clients and growing my training business has been my top priority lately and I found myself tired, stressed, running from place to place, crabby, skipping my workouts or not having time, eating crappy because again no scheduled time and just plain miserable……Can you relate?

I want to slow down and enjoy each beautiful summer day before the snow starts flying again- as a client shared with me this week after several tragedies occurred within her world- Each and every day is precious and tomorrow is never promised to any of us!


So let’s talk balance- what can we do to keep me on track and feel more in control rather than overbooked and flying out of control?

Several things-

  • Scheduled specific days/times in a calendar to exercise and don’t let any other appts interfere- Mornings, afternoon, nights what fits in?

  • Prepare bulk food items (chicken, veggies, rice ect) on the weekends or a free night to have food ready for the week

  • Schedule down time or playtime- sounds ridiculous but sometimes you have to schedule even that into your day so again you don’t overbook yourself. I enjoy quiet mornings maybe nights work best for you- find that time!

  • Let go of the little things- I have seriously given up on having an immaculate and clean house- Don’t get me wrong it’s livable but there are dust bunnies and probably mail on the table, some dishes or laundry that needs to be put away. But it will always be there- enjoying time with my family and friends won’t. I always say “Think about what your child remember when they are older?”- “wow I had a really clean house” or “Mom and Dad enjoyed going for bike rides with me”

  • Don’t be afraid to say “NO” or at least say let me get back to you after I check my schedule.

  • Use your vacation/PTO time- take that Friday afternoon off or schedule that vacation now-

  • Spend more time enjoying life than keeping up with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and all the Social Media-

  • Ask for help- the rigors of day to day life and keeping up with it all can be daunting so ask your spouse and children to help out. Don’t try to accomplish it all alone- It’s much more fun and rewarding to have some help along the way!

Stay mindful and Stay in the moment- and keep working at it every day!!

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