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Stage VS. Real Life


The spray tan has faded and washed off, hair is back in a ponytail, no visible signs of makeup, fake nails gone (When I asked my son if I should keep them he commented “there not really you mom” so true) sparkly suit & high heels packed away and back to gym shoes, yoga pants and tank!!

Back to real life!!

That look was for 1 day- 1 day on a stage for mere minutes, in an itty bitty bikini under very bright stage lights, being critiqued on my physique by 6 judges amongst other very fit and beautiful ladies. I can guarantee that those same ladies don’t look like they did show day either.

You see it is not reasonable to look that way every day, to be that lean, cut & defined. Would I like to- sure who wouldn’t but I also know how tired & hungry I was and I missed my water. Most of us are water depleted; we had a very strict nutrition and training plan the last week leading up to show day, often referred to as peak week. For me I lived on asparagus and cod for most of the week, with carbs thrown in here and there- my supplements, nutrition and training were very specific and calculated by my coach. My water was drastically cut leading up to Sat. and I also took an OTC diuretic (ok in even natural tested shows). Drastic measures some might say but again the goal was the stage and a very specific look was necessary.

So please keep in mind when you see photo’s on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, magazines ect. That the image you see doesn’t really tell the entire story- not to mention photoshop which is a whole different topic!!!

I will say that although I have enjoyed many treats in the last 2 weeks and am back to heavy lifting in the gym- My new healthier lifestyle was not left on the stage and you will still see me lugging my gallon of water and cooler around. It wasn’t just about achieving a great body for 1 day it is leading a happier healthier lifestyle the other 364 days!

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