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Cheryl provides customized individual/group personal training and yoga with your specific goals in mind. No need for a monthly gym membership and dealing with crowded spaces waiting for equipment. Her studio is private with all of the equipment needed to build strength, flexibility, balance, and more.  Cheryl works with those who are new or returning to exercise and seasoned athletes. She welcomes clients of all ages and abilities.  


Health and wellness is so much more than exercise alone and that is why she also provides customized nutrition plans, accountability, competition prep, wellness coaching and so much more to help you achieve your very best version of you.

Please contact her at 608-792-8545 or for a FREE discovery session and further details on pricing! 

Private personal training


* 1 on 1 training/yoga session 

  • Fully customized strength & movement based training or yoga program tailored to your goals and abilities. Includes wellness goal setting, nutritional accountability, sample meal plans, customized macronutrients and cardio/training recommendations.  Offered in both 60 and 30 minute sessions- training 1, 2, 3x per week

* Semi-Private (2-3 participants) 

  • 60 minute training session custom built to fit each individuals needs.  Each individual will get a fully customized program created for their own personal goals while sharing the training session with 1-2 other clients.  

* 4 Week Online Strength Training Plan 

  • Whether you want to build a lean athletic body, lose body fat, or just want to get strong for personal satisfaction, we can create a program to fit your needs. These programs are customized to your training location, at home, at the gym, or at any location. 

  • Resistance training program with videos that is custom built to your needs as well as goals and help you understand how to implement the program. Each week you complete the week of workouts and track in the Trainerize app with your personalized dashboard. 

* Competition Prep 4 Week Training/Nutrition Plan 

  • Macronutrient breakdown along with meal plan to follow. Customized strength training and cardio via trainerize app. Supplement recommendations. Unlimited access to coach via text/email. Peak week (final week before show) adjustments and guidance.  Reverse dieting and training protocols for post competition. Bikini suit assistance and referrals. Show recommendations. Posing recommendations for online videos/coach recommendations.  Day of show guidance.​​​​

                                                   (12-24 weeks prep recommended)

Small yoga class

YOGA CLASSES - All classes on hold due to Covid-19

* Foundations Vinyasa Flow Yoga-

  • Beginner class introduces the fundamental principles of alignment and breath work in a flow of postures linked together by the breath. Students will be introduced to yoga postures through step-by-step verbal description and demonstration. Emphasis is placed on student understanding, safety, and stability within each pose. Gradually these poses will be linked together into a gentle flowing sequence. If you have never tried yoga either of these class times are for you, designed to meet the needs of those new to yoga.

* Freedom Flow Yoga

  • Freedom Flow Yoga is a Vinyasa flow class that targets specific muscles to relieve physical, mental and emotional stress! Learn how simple breath work can calm, relax or energize your inner being. 
    Adaptations and modifications offered as needed. 
    Weekly themed discussion followed with a yoga class and ending with a guided relaxation meditation. This 6 week series is designed for ANYONE but may provide many benefits to those that may suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression, panic attacks or other physical alignments.

* Chair Yoga- 

  • Improve your strength, flexibility, and mobility through standing or seated yoga poses specially adapted for any level of health and fitness. Chairs and props are provided to keep everyone safe and supported.

One-on-one Nutrition Consulting:
All nutrition options are 4 week programs (8 week minimum to get started) along with $50 set up fee.


Nutrition programs may include the following:

  • Customized Nutrition Plan created specifically for you, with adjustments based on progress, conditioning & individual sensitivities.

  • In studio or online/phone consultation with your Coach, including weekly accountability, goal setting, weight, measurements, photos, body fat and Q & A

  • Custom Flexible Dieting nutrition program with detailed calories/macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate, fat)

  • Dietitian approved meal plans, exchange options, recipes and grocery list

  • Strength training and cardio workouts and/or recommendations

  • Facebook Nutrition Support Group

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Unlimited email access to me- your coach!

  • Unlimited updates and adjustments to your plan for continued progress


OPTION 1- PREMIUM- $140 This package will provide you with the most comprehensive one-on-one coaching for your health and fitness success. Weekly studio goal setting meetings along with a customized macros and customized training and cardio will have you accomplishing your goals sooner rather than later. 

OPTION 2 - DELUXE- $95  This is our most popular package with the right amount of guidance/accountability with weekly studio goal setting sessions that will keep you on track and achieving your goals.  

OPTION 3- STANDARD - $40  Perfect for those that have hit their goals or have adapted new healthier habits and only need monthly accountability to stay on track with their goals and continue to progress.

Other Wellness Sevices
Other Services & A La Carte Menu
  • FREE 30 minute Phone/ In-Person Consultation

  • 30 minute in-person wellness coaching/goal setting

  • Fitness Assessment (Body Fat %, Measurements, Flexibility, Strength  & Cardiovascular Testing)

  • Nutritional Analysis/Review (Client provides 3day food log) with Customized Calorie and Macronutrient breakdown specific to client goals


NOTE- Pricing & services vary on individual client needs and discounts available when paired with other services.

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